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PetroQuest Energy Announces Amendment to Pik Notes Indenture

LAFAYETTE, LA – November 5, 2019 – PetroQuest Energy, Inc. (“PetroQuest” or the “Company”) announced that it has entered into Supplemental Indenture No. 1 to the Indenture, dated as of February 8, 2019, relating to the Company’s 10% Senior Secured... Read More

https://www.petroquest.com/mp-files/9-30-19-financial-statement-2.pdf/... Read More

Thunder Bayou Production Facilities

The Hulin No. 1 well (Thunder Bayou prospect) will produce to a major production facility which includes the following equipment: oil/gas separation, low gas compression, glycol dehydration, amine treating (for CO2 and H2S reduction) and oil storage. The well will... Read More


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